Universal Studios Singapore Concept: SUPER RACERS

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During the blue sky development process of UNIVERSAL STUDIOS SINGAPORE in 2007, the Goddard Group team came up with a concept for a pair of DUELING LAUNCH COASTERS called “SUPER RACERS” that put guests right in the middle of an epic race between SUPERMAN and THE FLASH. While the park ultimately opted against a DC license, this concept did directly lead to what ultimately became the BATTLESTAR GALACTICA coaster operating today.

As seen in early concept art, a clone of THE INCREDIBLE HULK COASTER was initially planned but the park, but fearing this as too extreme for the Singapore market, GGE’s designers aimed to create a family coaster experience with two distinct ride experiences- SUPERMAN, focusing on airtime hills and high-speed fly-bys, along with THE FLASH which featured high-speed directional changes and helixes.

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