The Story of the Great Unbuilt WIZARD OF OZ Theme Park, as told by the Park’s Creator; Gary Goddard – Part 2

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8_MuchkinLand Logo

Munchkinland Logo


Home of the Munchkins and the beginning of Yellow Brick Road.

10_Munchkin Plaza

This incredible rendering by The Hildebrandts provided the overall creative direction for this unique land, where everything was to be designed for Munchkins (or on our case young children) with “special accommodations for taller visitors” (parents). A very unique “land” for a theme park.

The “E Ticket” here was “Dorothy’s Adventures in Oz” a ride that would allow guests (those who knew the story and those who might not) on a wonderful ride through the environments from the movie. Within the ride the original cast of the movie would “come to life” (through Peppers Ghost technology) to provide a compelling new way of experiencing the most memorable scenes from the beloved movie.

12_Dorthy's Adventures in OZ

DOROTHY’S ADVENTURES IN OZ was a most unique concept for a dark ride. Using advanced “peppers ghost” technology, the ride would make use of actual scenes from the film, carefully selected and adjusted to work within the sets that were built dimensionally. Guests followed Dorothy on her journey to the Emerald City, with the original stars and all the classic songs that are so much a part of our cultural consciousness. (Rendering by Eddie Martinez)

This ride would allow you to journey alongside Dorothy, Toto, The Tin Man, The Scarecrow and the Lion, reliving the movie in an entirely new and completely immersive way.  In addition, there were a number of family rides, family restaurants, and stores that were all scaled down to “Munchkin Size” meaning that it was great for kids, but parents and larger folks would have to adapt to the kid-scale universe.

11_Munchkin Park

A Children’s Play area was planned that would include a Muchkin Tree House, simple flat rides themed around nature, and host of interactive play elements as well.

13_Munch INN

The Munchkin Café was uniquely suited to children, with furniture and counters scaled to Munchkin size. Behind the counter salespeople actually worked on floor that was about three feet lower than the Café floor so that they were eye to eye with Children when ordering. Parents would have to sit on smaller chairs and “make do” with the pint-sized world. And all the food was served in smaller “slider” style portions.

14_Yellow Brick Country Logo

YELLOW BRICK COUNTRY was the collective name we gave to the part of OZ where Dorothy meets The Scarecrow, the Tin Man, and the Cowardly Lion. The area included a number of exciting thrill rides, colorful family shows, and entertaining dark rides.

Yellow Brick Country

Home of the Scarecrow, Tin-Man, and Cowardly Lion.

18_Tinsmith's Village

THE CLOCKWORK VILLAGE was an imagined place that might have been created by the very same man who invented and built the Tin Man. With clockwork mechanical elements throughout, the little village offered unique retail and restaurant experiences.

This area includes the Cornfield Maze, the Apple Orchard, and Forest where Dorothy meets the Scarecrow, the Tin-Man, and the Cowardly Lion. “E Tickets” here included The Cornfield Maze and the Scarecrow’s Stage. The Scarecrow’s Stage would magically “appear” when an area of high growing cornstalks would lower to reveal the stage where the Scarecrow and his pals would perform in a musical show.  There was also The Tin Man’s Log Flume Ride, and the Cowardly Lion’s Show of Courage – a dark ride where everything seems “scary” as you approach it, but right afterward, it is revealed that there was nothing to be scared of after all.

19_The Cowardly Lino's Show Of Courage

The Cowardly Lion’s “SHOW OF COURAGE” Ride provides a unique experience through a series of scenes that are as first viewed “scary” but, when seen from the other side, turn out to be “not so scary after all”. Riders get a “Badge of Courage” at the ride’s end to prove to one and all they had the courage to brave their fears.

17_The Great Sawhorese Derby

THE GREAT SAWHORSE RACE comes from one of the many OZ stories written by L. Frank Baum and realizes this character in an exciting “Steeplechase Ride” unique to Oz.

16_Corn Row Theater

THE SCARECROW SHOW, performed on a stage that is hidden within the great cornfield (and is revealed when a wall of giant cornstalks lower to allow visitors in), is a musical stage featuring The Scarecrow and a group of his many other Scarecrow friends.

Join us next week for part 3 and if you enjoyed part 2 don’t forget to check out part 1 of the amazing story of the unbuilt OZ Theme Park.


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