CONSTRUCTION UPDATE: SHENFU NEW TOWN Moves Towards Completion in Northeast China

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Despite the fact that we’ve dabbled in basically every form of entertainment over the years, we were still a little surprised when the Chinese government approached us in 2009 to design an entire city. Over the following year we conceptualized, master-planned, and created schematic-level drawings for a 21st century metropolis called SHENFU New Town (with the government-provided name resulting from the project’s geographic location in between the cities of Shenyang and Fushun). Not surprisingly, the groundbreaking took place while the design was still underway, and construction has been progressing at a pace unparalleled back here in America.

The city’s signature feature is the colossal monument that sits at its center- the UNITY CIRCLE- designed not only to be a symbol for the city, but an icon for all of northeast China. Pictured above, the structure was recently completed, with cladding now underway.

We’ll keep you updated as the construction races forward, and will give you a closer look at some of the innovative designs and concept art developed by our team and collaborators.

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