ALIENS 3D Sneak Peak – What Could Have Been

In late 1996, following the incredible success of T2/3D at Universal Studios, Samsung’s EVERLAND theme park in Korea engaged Gary Goddard and team to create the next generation of 3D attraction. The resulting concept was ALIENS 3D- a multi-screen spectacular based upon the classic franchise.

With a deal in place with Fox, the attraction was designed, announced, and scheduled to move into production when the Korean financial crisis hit in 1997. The project was put on hold for 90 days and ultimately cancelled, remaining to this day one of the greatest never-realized attractions of theme park lore.


More to come on ALIENS 3D soon!

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2 comments on “ALIENS 3D Sneak Peak – What Could Have Been

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  2. That would have been fun. Aliens is a great fit for a theme park experience.

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