A big THANK YOU to our GGE & STAR TREK fans and followers!

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We have been overwhelmed and elated with responses to our PROJECT: ENTERPRISE blog, to the point that we thought we should take a moment to acknowledge the widespread interest in the vision our founder created two decades ago.

When the social media team here at GGE set out to interview our CEO Gary Goddard about the Star Trek Experience in Las Vegas, we never dreamed that there was more to the initial Star Trek ideas for Vegas than the Experience that Gary’s previous company, Landmark, had created.   Gary dug around in our archives and brought out images that few of us at Gary Goddard Entertainment had ever seen—a project that preceded the STTE project by five years. As everyone now knows, it was a fully developed concept and plan for a life-sized, 1:1 ratio, Starship Enterprise in Downtown Las Vegas!  Excited, we pushed up our sleeves and got to work on what we believed would be a simple blog showcasing this initial idea for Vegas. Little did we know that the idea was so powerful and compelling to so many people that it would grow to a quarter of a million hits in less than 5 days.  Our small blog, started less than a month ago, was humble at 10,000 hits or so.  We never dreamed it would take off like this!

Gary feels the reaction proves the idea was in fact, the right one.  Whether people liked the idea, loved it, and even if they were critical, the sheer volume and reaction to the project seems to indicate the level of excitement the concept and vision would have created had it been realized.

We got Gary to comment on the reaction to the original vision:

I always felt the project was epic in scope and ambition, and that its appeal would be much wider than simply the Star Trek fan base, and it seems from the interest this simple blog has generated, that I was right.  Of course we knew the Star Trek fans would embrace it, but I wanted this to be larger than just that.  I wanted this to speak to the ideals of the original series and the films that followed. The concept was really to create a monument that would represent and embody the concept of “going boldly” forward – something that everyone, whether a fan of Star Trek or not, would want to see with their own eyes.  This was truly a big idea, and the reaction from people and press the world over has been something of a confirmation of the soundness of the concept.  For that, I am very thankful.”

So some thank yous are in order!

Of course, we couldn’t have done it without our fans, Star Trek fans, and the amazing fan and tech sites promoting the idea.

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As the Klingons say, “QAPLA’!”



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  1. Chris Kinner

    PLEASE, revive the Enterprise Project! One day it will be build! I want to see this ship for real! 🙂


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